You’re going to learn a lot about cooking and good food with us, and you’ll certainly have loads of fun along the way. Here’s what you can expect on a typical School Visit.

9.30am: Good morning and welcome! You turn up with your class and meet the Restaurant Manager and their team.

9.45am: Before cooking begins, our Manager will run through some important cooking basics. Things like washing hands and staying safe in the kitchen.

10.00am: Ready, steady, pizza. Our pizzaiolo (pizza chef) now takes over, showing you how to make a famous, Italian classic: the Margherita.

Everyone will get the chance to knead the dough, making it lovely and smooth, and create the perfect base. Then we’ll discover just how important the fresh ingredients are to the pizza’s flavour. The final touch? Topping your creations with our famous passata (tomato) sauce, mozzarella and basil.

It takes about half an hour, from kneading the dough to putting your pizza in the oven.

10.30am: While the pizzas are cooking in our giant pizza oven, get involved in our Ingredients Quiz. It’s where we taste and learn about different ingredients, and then answer questions about each one.

10.45am: What’s that delicious smell? Your hot pizzas coming out of the oven, of course. It’s time to take them back to school for lunch, along with your Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate as you’re now one of our little pizza chefs.

11.00am: Thanks for coming – it’s the end of your morning with us.