Teachers, thanks for booking in for a School Visit. We hope you – and every little one in your class – will have a brilliant morning making pizza and learning about good, fresh food with us. 


Before your visit
1. Book your School Visit as soon as you can because dates get snapped up very quickly.

2. We’ll send you a confirmation email a week before your School Visit. If we’ve got any details wrong, please let our restaurant manager know.

3. Safety first. Please read the risk assessment and tell our restaurant manager of any special needs.

4. Drop our restaurant manager an email with the names of every kid in your class at least 24 hours before your visit. We need them to write their names on the Junior Pizzaiolo Certificates, which we’ll hand out at the end of each visit.

While you’re with us
5. Please don’t be late as there’s a lot to do. The later you are, the less time the kids will have for cooking!

6. Throughout your visit, the restaurant manager will look to you and your colleagues to make sure your class are behaving well.

7. We’d love it if you could go around the room encouraging the children while they’re making their pizzas.

8. Want to take a pizza home with you too? Of course you do. Just ask the restaurant manager at the beginning of your visit and they’ll put an extra Margherita in the oven.

After your visit
9. Once you’re back at school and you’ve finished off every slice, we’d love to hear from you again to find out what you thought of your morning with us. Everything from what we did well to what we could do better.  

10. Finally, thank you for helping with our quest to get kids into good food. It would be great if you could try to keep up your class’ enthusiasm for cooking, even after they leave us. 

Please note that we can only offer a School Visit to one year group per school each year.  Visits are booked on a first come, first served basis with a minimum of 10 children and maximum of 30 children per visit. Please also note that restaurants can usually only offer a maximum of one school visit each month.