As one of the UK’s most beloved brands, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and society. Here’s what we do for our Planet, Pizza and People.


We are committed to being Net Zero by 2040, meaning we’ll be driving our emissions as low as possible and offsetting the remaining amount.

While the Paris Climate Accord set companies the task of being Net Zero by 2050, from working with our suppliers to focusing on reducing waste through every part of our business, we committed to this earlier and ambitious target of Net Zero by 2040 as we recognise the need for action to happen at pace.

In fact, we were a founding member of and are an active participant in the Zero Carbon Forum, working collaboratively with others in our industry.

Our Commitment:

What is Net Zero? chevron
Net Zero emissions means having to drive our emissions as low as possible and offsetting the remaining amount.
Why wait until 2040? chevron
In 2015, governments all over the world signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement, which said that global economies must limit the earth’s warming to 2°C above pre-industrial times. To limit the worst environmental impacts, this needs to be limited to 1.5°C. For this to happen, companies need to reach Net Zero by 2050. We committed to this earlier and ambitious target as we recognise the need for action to happen at pace.


At PizzaExpress, most of our greenhouse gas emissions come from our suppliers and at a farm level.


With what we know in mind, and in order to achieve our Net Zero by 2040 target, here are just some of our achievements to date.


We recognise we need to do even more, so here’s how we plan to be better.

Our plans include our delicious pizzas, breads and dressings you can enjoy at home

Where our dressings don't come in glass bottles, the bottles contain recycled PET plastic – which has 25% less GHG emissions compared to virgin plastic.


With over 50% of our menu offering vegetarian or vegan dishes - partly inspired by our founder Peter Boizot, who was a pescatarian - there’s something for everyone at PizzaExpress.

Sourcing only the finest and freshest quality ingredients for our dishes is something we have been committed to since the day our first restaurant opened in 1965.


The original recipe for our famous passata originated in 1988. Coming from Parma and using only fresh tomatoes harvested at the peak of the season, nothing else is added except for salt and pepper, along with one fresh basil leaf hand-placed in every can.

Our Dough

Always handmade here in the UK, our dough is made by our passionate bakery team at our local Oxfordshire bakery.


Made from milk in farmer owned operations, working with farmers this way is important to us, as it ensures better prices for farmers and better conditions for cows.


In 2020, we signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment. This means by 2026, we’ll require our suppliers to meet their high standards of chicken welfare. It’s important to us that our chickens meet high standards of welfare and all our chickens; are compliant with all EU animal welfare laws, are not in cages or multi-tier systems and meet the air quality standards as outlined by the Better Chicken Commitment.


Since 2017, all the eggs (shell eggs and in ingredients) in our UK supply chain have been free range. Internationally, we’re continuing to transition to free range eggs where the vast majority of our sites are already using free range shell eggs. We are committed to having 100% free range eggs across all remaining egg-containing ingredients globally by the end of 2025. You can read our most up-to-date progress by clicking the button below.


At PizzaExpress, we look out for our people and our local communities.

Our people are what make PizzaExpress a fun and vibrant place to work and visit. From pizza making parties in your childhood, to getting your first job with us, or having a career in pizza, we always want to be a part of your journey.

Our values come from our team, and we have been recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the Best Places to Work. If you’re interested in learning more about our people, check out our Careers page.