Free rewards every time you dine.


Join our PizzaExpress Club and get free Dough Balls on your first visit! By becoming a member you get free rewards and collect Pizza Stamps every time you dine-in or place a collection order at one of our pizzerias. You can also collect Pizza Stamps via delivery and collection or by scanning your supermarket pizzas.


Our PizzaExpress Club has three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold. All you have to do its keep eating pizza, earn stamps and climb the tiers to unlock more free rewards. Our Gold tier has the most free rewards!


Tuck into a free side dish every time you dine in or place a collection order, plus get a free dessert on your birthday.


Dine-in or place a collection order to get free Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’, a free soft drink and a free tea or coffee every time you visit, plus a free classic pizza on your birthday.


Reach our best tier and get rewarded with a free Romana upgrade, a free kids Piccolo meal (Mon-Thu) and so much more! Unlock the Pizza Stamps to get to the top!



Earn 1 Pizza Stamp every time you dine in and spend at least £10 per person.

Delivery & Collection

Find and scan the QR code to earn half a Pizza Stamp with every order when you spend at least £10.


Find and scan the barcode on the pizza box to earn quarter of a Pizza Stamp with every supermarket pizza.


Introducing Refer a Friend! You can now invite your friends to join the PizzaExpress Club and you both get rewarded! Find out more below.


Earn Pizza Stamps every time you visit PizzaExpress, and you’ll unlock new tiers with more rewards for you to enjoy every time you dine-in or place a collection order.

Step 1: Find your nearest pizzeria and book a table easily

Step 2: Browse our menu to check out all your favourites and new pizzas

Step 3: Check in using the Club app to claim your free rewards, pay your bill and earn Pizza Stamps. Don’t forget you can also:

  • Scan the QR code on our pizza boxes when you order for collection or delivery, or when you buy a supermarket pizza, to earn Pizza Stamps
  • Order for collection or delivery from the PizzaExpress app
  • Get all the help you need with our virtual assistant PeterBot


How do I join the Club? chevron
Download the PizzaExpress Club app via Apple Store or Google Play store and register to join the PizzaExpress Club. When you join, you will receive your free Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’ when you next dine-in at a pizzeria. After your first visit, you will receive your ‘Pizza Stamp’ if you have spent a minimum of £10 and become a Bronze member of the PizzaExpress Club.
I haven't received a verification email to complete my registration to set up my PizzaExpress Club account? chevron
Open the app, add your email address and click on forgotten password. If your email address isn’t recognised please click on "join" to complete registration. Please ensure you are entering the correct email address.
I already have a PizzaExpress App or ‘My PE’ account but I can’t remember my password? chevron
If you have our app, please ensure you have the most recent version, or downloaded the app and enter your email address. If you have forgotten your password, please select forgotten password link. If it recognises your email address it will send you a link to change your password. If it doesn’t recognise, please complete registration via clicking on "Register" and complete the two-factor verification process which includes sending a six digit code to your phone.
What are the tiers within PizzaExpress Club? chevron
We have 3 tiers within the PizzaExpress Club - Bronze, Silver and Gold. You reach the first tier, Bronze, when you have earned 1 completed ‘Pizza Stamp’ which you can see on the app. You can earn Pizza Stamps for each qualifying visit at a pizzeria, collection or delivery order or a supermarket pizza purchase.
How do I earn ‘Pizza Stamps’ in pizzerias, delivery and collection and in retail? chevron
You can earn Pizza Stamp while dining in and checking in to the restaurant and table number via the app and meeting the qualifying minimum spend of £10 per person after free rewards are applied. For collection scan the QR code on the sticker on your pizza box, £10 minimum spend required. For delivery orders, scan the QR code on the sticker on your pizza box. For supermarket pizzas, there will be a QR code to scan on the inside wrapping on the pizza.
How can I see what free rewards I have in my tier? chevron
On the app home screen, click on ‘Learn More’ and scroll down to "Your Bronze, Silver or Gold rewards" to see the rewards within your tier. You can also see the free rewards in all the tiers. Only active rewards will show on you home screen. As you progress through the tiers, we will unlock your free rewards relevant to each tier.
How can I see what rewards I have in my tier? chevron
Once logged in, on your home screen, scroll down to "Your Bronze, Silver or Gold rewards" swipe right to see the rewards within your tier. For more information, please click on "Learn More "and scroll down to the 'Your rewards' section. Only active rewards will show on your homepage.
My free reward is locked? chevron
All free rewards will be locked until you have reached the tier. Your free Birthday reward will be unlocked in your birthday month only.
Why haven't I received my Pizza Stamp when I paid either via the app or via my waiter? chevron
You should receive your Pizza Stamp immediately if you have met the qualifying criteria in a pizzeria. You also receive your Pizza Stamp immediately if you scan the QR code for collection and delivery orders or for supermarket purchases. However, it could take up to 24 hours in some cases so we would suggest checking again after that time. If you experience further problems, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.
I wasn’t able to apply my free rewards? chevron
Free rewards can only be applied if your minimum spend is £10 or over for each checked-in member at the table and after any free rewards have been applied to the bill.
How long do I stay either a Bronze, Silver or Gold member? chevron
Once you reach your tier, you retain your free rewards for one year and be able to claim your free items at every visit to our pizzerias. At the tier anniversary date, i.e. one year after you reached your tier, we will assess whether you have completed the necessary visits over the preceding 12 months to determine your tier status.
Can I use my Tesco Vouchers with the PizzaExpress Club? chevron
No you can’t use Tesco, Unidays or any other promotional offers or discounts in conjunction with PizzaExpress Club free rewards. You will however still earn a Pizza Stamp if minimum spend is at least £10 after any discount has been applied.
What happens at the end of my tier anniversary? chevron
We will assess how many Pizza Stamps you have earned over the preceding 12 months. If you have earned 1 completed Pizza Stamp, you will be our Bronze tier; if you have earned 5 completed Pizza Stamps, you will be in Silver, and if you have completed 12 Pizza Stamps then you will be in Gold.
How do I stay in Bronze, Silver in Gold after one year from reaching the tier? chevron
Keep eating PizzaExpress! After one year, on your tier anniversary, we will assess how many completed Pizza Stamps you have earned and change or retain your tier status as described in the question above.
How do I get my free rewards? chevron
Dine-in at a pizzeria and spend £10 per person to claim your free rewards.