Behind the Base

In Partnership with Nordoff Robbins

We've teamed up with Notion and Nordoff Robbins to invite the very best of the UK's musical talent to talk about the power music has had on their lives. Giving glimpses into the moments that have made them feel connected, celebrated, or courageous through music - and the one song or album that means the most to them.

Each interview wraps up with an exclusive performance of the track the artist has described their emotional connection with.

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JP Cooper

The September Song and Perfect Strangers (ft Jonas Blue) hitmaker talks to us about his life, and the power music has to connect with people. From his collaborations with grime artists like Bugsy Malone and Stormzy, through to working with gospel choirs and his work within the community. He tells us about the meaning behind some of his most powerful songs before performing an exclusive acoustic performance just for us.

Bow Anderson

The Scottish Music Award’s 2021 Best Pop Act talks to us about her songwriting process, and how music has shaped things for her. Dubbed as one of the most exciting pop singers to date and has well known fans in Cindy Lauper and Sir Elton John. She talks to us about how music has been and currently is a huge part of her life before performing an exclusive live performance just for your eyes only.

Kofi Stone

The Birmingham based soulful rapper talks to us about the feelings behind his music, THAT night in Mayfair and what’s next on his music journey. After releasing his debut project ‘Nobody Cares Till Everybody Does’ back in 2019, Kofi Stone well and truly arrived as one of the most compelling rappers in the UK. He talks to us about the impact music has had on his life before performing an exclusive live performance down at Holborn.