Test & Trace FAQs

Why do I need to give you my phone number when filling out the form to see the menu?

When you fill out the form, this data is kept to support the NHS with their Test and Trace system. Things may change and there are still many unknowns. However, if the NHS ask us for this data because they need to get in touch with people we anticipate phone numbers being requested, as it can be a faster way for them to be able to do that and is also what has been used so far when communicating with those in shielding etc.

Why does my information need to be stored on your data base for Test and Trace?

This is because we need to make sure we can safely manage and protect your data. At PizzaExpress we already have a GDPR compliant database. your data will be stored there, that way we can easily and securely provide it to the NHS if they request it.

Will you be using my data to send me Marketing?

Why are you Supporting NHS Test and Trace?

We want to be part of this scheme to protect our teams and customers. We also want to make things as easy as possible for our amazing NHS should they need to trace people. The safety of our teams and customers is a priority and it’s important we support this scheme to protect the NHS and ensure we can continue to open our restaurants safely.

If I request to be removed from your data base during the Test and Trace period, will I be removed straight away?

If you request for your data to be anonymised, your request will be handled in-line with our T&Cs and PP. You will be removed from our database, including your acceptance to be included in Test & Trace. We have up to 30 days to process your request in accordance with GDPR.

How long does it normally take for people’s data to be removed from your Data Base?

If you request all your data to be removed from our database, we have up to 30 days to remove in accordance with GDPR.

How long will Test and Trace be going on for?

Whilst the government and the NHS have not specified the length of time, we will hold onto your data for at least 21 days in case the NHS need it. After that you will remain on our database (in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy) but can be removed upon request at any time.

Do you have to collect data for Test and Trace?

We have been requested by the government to assist in collecting data for Test & Trace, but it has not been specified whether it is mandatory for customers to provide their data. Therefore, we have left it optional for you to decide whether you would like to be involved.

How can I be removed from your data base?

You can contact our Customer Experience Team via our website and ask them to remove you from the database. We will acknowledge your request and make sure you are removed as soon as we are able to. We will then let you know when that has happened.

How do I know your data base is protecting my data?

The privacy of our customers is extremely important to us. We hold our data in accordance with all guidelines and GDPR. We do this anyway - our participation in NHS Test and Trace does not change this. For more information about how we handle and protect customer data, please see our privacy policy.

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