Family Picnic

Family picnic are always relaxing and fun, aren’t they…? Well, ever tried to organise one for everyone?! Have a go at our brain teaser and see how you do!

Thermometer Trivia

Our ovens reach 371 degrees to cook a pizza, and our freezers stay at a constant -18…Brrr! Think you know the temperature of every day objects and can mark them on our thermometer?

Foodie Fractions

How many slices do you cut your pizza into? Let’s use the slices to learn some fractions.

Pizza Puzzle

To crack this puzzle you’re going to need to be a cryptic code breaker plus a maths marvel. 

Balance the scales

A Pizzaiolo needs to make sure he knows his measurements, and sticks to strict weights for recipes. Recon you could do it?

Calculate the Bill

Being a waiter means you need quick maths skills to count cash and calculate a bill on the spot. Can you do it?