The top 10 things we all took for granted, pre-2020:


At the back end of last year, we surveyed 2000 people, and asked them what they took most for granted, pre 2020. The results were unanimous, and if number 1 doesn’t give you all the fuzzy feels then you need to go back and re-watch Lord of the Rings, when Frodo reunited with his long-lost pals.

10. Seeing elderly relatives

If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents around, chances are the most you saw of them last year was through a window, or an awkward weekly zoom call where you’d spend the first 15 minutes talking to the ceiling because they’ve not got the angle right, or telling them they’re on mute/pause/camera off/all of the above. Aside from the awful pandemic, meaning majority of our precious elderly relatives were at higher risk, just being able to drop by for a hot cup of tea, face to face was 100% easier and one thing we will never take for granted again.

9. Going to the cinema.

There were so many big releases planned for last year, Batman, Star Wars…MINIONS for crying out loud! And I most certainly feel robbed not being able to enjoy them, wide screen, surround sound as hoped. We waited 5 years for another Star Wars, and there 2020 came and took it away from us. So this year, day of release, we’re there, no questions. Even if it means we have to sit front row.

8. Going to live events.

The fact that Glastonbury wasn’t able to go ahead in its 50th year with Kendrick and Tay-Tay on the bill, I doubt we will ever truly get over. But, if/when that glorious stage does return, how long will it take for us to feel comfortable in a swath of 50,000 people again.

2 beers, one catchy tune and glimpse of sunshine is our bet.

7. Getting a haircut.

I think I speak for us all, when I say Amen.

6. Being able to attend key annual events without restrictions

  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • Bank Holidays
  • Father’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire Night
  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

All were affected last year in some form or another – this year (if able), let’s do them all twice as big to make up for it. They moved the bank holiday last year to Friday, brilliant idea – and where we’re we all? Sat indoors, that’s where.

We’re considering starting a petition to make all the red-letter days missed last year a national holiday for 2021, who’s with us!?

5. Going to the supermarket without queuing

Lord have mercy.

Does anyone else wince and squint their eyes a little as you turn the corner into Tesco’s car park?

That genuine sigh of relief when you’d see only 3-4 poor souls waiting outside, rather than the 60-minute queue round the block if you accidently run out of milk at 3pm on a Saturday.

I mean, Tesco’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s – thank god for you, you gave us a little “day out” when we needed it, scouring the aisles for Dough Balls, and the last pack of toilet roll. But if we could never see a queue outside your doors again, that’d be great.

4. Family get-togethers

Anyone else wish they’d bought shares in Zoom 2 years ago?

We’ve lost count of the amount of “parties” (we say that very loosely) we attended via the platform last year. What started as a bit of fun, filling the void of lonely Friday nights in our one-bedroom flat, very quickly became taxing.

Coupled with the fact that no one had any genuine excuses not to attend, what being locked inside all day long – these “parties” went out of fashion, quicker than that white and black polka dot dress of 2019.

Longing for the day we can attend a party face-to-face once again!

3. Meeting friends for an impromptu drink

Friday night casual drinks are a thing of the past, it may seem (for now), and while majority of office workers are now based remotely, those pubs at the corner of the street – ours was the Draft House – are now empty, or even boarded up.

2. Going on holiday

If you were lucky enough to get away and grab some much-needed R+R last year, whether a staycation or abroad – we salute you.

Never has a holiday been more needed – and our search feed history is depressing. I’ve never googled “where’s hot right now” more.

When we do get the green light to go abroad again, without the constant worry that it might be put on a quarantine list mid-way through the flight, where will you hope to go?


South of France?




Ok, we’re annoying ourselves now. We’ll stop there.

On to the top spot…

In at number 1 is possibly the most humbling and reassuring sign that humanity is still very much alive and kicking – even at the most difficult of times, like 2020.

The number one thing we took for granted pre-last year was…

  1. A hug.

So, we’ll end this the most fitting way we know how – with a virtual hug. And know that we can’t wait to see you for a smile, slice of your favourite, and maybe even a hug sometime in the not so distance future.

Last year was tough, but we’ve got this.

And whatever this year brings, we know we can get through it.


Lord of the Rings

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