PizzaExpress to phase out plastic straws

We're phasing out plastic straws...

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, so when Ava, aged five, sent us a letter asking us to stop putting plastic straws in her drink because “they are very bad for animals.”, it spurred us to make a change.

We're now phasing out single-use plastic straws from all our 470+ restaurants from this summer, and we'll be replacing them with biodegradable and recyclable paper versions.

Zoe Bowley, Managing Director at PizzaExpress said:

“At PizzaExpress we are very conscious of the detrimental impact of plastics on wildlife and the environment. We received a letter in 2017 from one of our customers, Ava, aged 5, highlighting this impact and it spurred us on to continue working hard to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste through our restaurants. We have already taken the decision to stop using plastic straws in our 470+ UK restaurants and will move to a biodegradable paper straw by this summer.

Ava's letter

Ava's letter

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