What is a fairy-tale relationship? Is it that warm and fuzzy feeling or a balance between friendship and lust? Is it the feeling of being swept off our feet or experiencing love at first site? We spoke to two couples, both hugely connected but with very different stories.

Billy & Cora

Meet Billy and Cora, they’ve been married over 40 years.  

“I wouldn’t say our relationship was love at first sight,” Billy starts, “but it developed. And to be honest, as the years have gone by, I’m much more in love than ever.” They say the reason their relationship has stood the test of time, is that it was born out of friendship. Their friendship that is still very much visible today.

Another pair who managed to keep friendship at the core of their relationship, even after their romantic relationship ended, was James and Sophie who met at university.

James poetically stated, “people you’re connected to help you understand your own life. She’s just good to hang about with as well, I think that’s the basis of it, we have a good laugh."  “It’s just nice having such a platonic relationship with someone who I’ve had a romantic connection with in the past. We’ve known each other for like 10 years so he kind of knows everything about me,” Sophie added.

Good times. Together

Christmas is a time to get together, but 1 in 10 of us feel like we don’t have anyone.

Who will you be there for this Season?

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