I Dough

Two PizzaExpress super fans said 'I Dough' (sorry) at the weekend and treated their wedding guests to a real first – a wedding cake made out of our Dough Balls.

Dale Connelly and Catherine Scott tied the knot with the specially commissioned cake that could rival the most impressive of The Great British Bake Off creations.

The three foot, croquembouche-style show stopper took cake designer, Juliet Sear, 16 hours to make using 1,000 Dough Balls. The cake was then embellished with handmade chocolate flowers, as well as real, edible flowers, and served with a selection or chocolate and vanilla cream dips. Yum!

Wedding cake

Dale and Catherine got engaged two years ago when Dale hired out the whole of Southend Pier and arranged for the closest PizzaExpress to write his proposal on the couple’s favourite pizza – a Padana.

Dale, 25, said, 'Everyone’s been really surprised by our choice of cake but they think it’s amazing. I proposed on a Padana and it was an amazing moment so we asked PizzaExpress if they could make something special for our big day. What they’ve come up with is the icing on the Dough Ball wedding cake…'

'We’ve had the most perfect day with lots of touches that are personal to us," added Catherine. 'People might think we’re bonkers but we couldn’t be happier and will remain PizzaExpress fans for life.”

Congratulations Dale and Catherine!

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