Friendship Stories

On average, we’ll meet 10,000 people in our life time*, and connect with around 400, with 1 in 12 of those becoming a friendship.

Karlla & Chris

Meet Karlla and Chris.

Karlla and Chris met years ago through work in a local school, it was in the teachers lounge they realised a mutual passion for poetry.  That passion eventually changed their friendship, from work colleagues to business partners, launching their own community project – Rise Up.

Karlla says she owes a lot to Chris, as a mentor, a friend and for pushing her to believe in herself. 

Dings & Ella & Rebecca

Friendship is defined in the dictionary as ‘A mutual trust and support between allies.’ That sums up the ethos Dingile, Elom and Rebecca live by pretty well:

“Check up on your friends,” starts Elom, “the ones that seem super strong. They’re normally the ones struggling and you wouldn’t even know.”

Time is what makes a friendship – so whether you’re looking to reconnect over dinner, catch up with a few drinks or start a new relationship altogether. Remember to celebrate the good, support through the bad and acknowledge each other’s passions.

Good times. Together

Christmas is a time to get together, but 1 in 10 of us feel like we don’t have anyone.

Who will you be there for this Season?

With new festive specials ‘tis the season to reach out.

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Billy & Cora
Relationship Stories

Get to know our cast: Billy & Cora.