Family Stories

Family is defined as “a group of two parents and their offspring, living together as a unit” – that feels a little outdated. Who says a family has to be two parents, or even  biological?

Tony and Angel

Meet Tony and Angel. Bonded by love, not DNA.

Angel recounts the day she first met her dad, “I was 8 years old. I remember driving up to this house and felt like a fairy-tale.”

Tony, with a tear in his eye continues “My wife and I sat down that night and said, something feels different here,” they gathered their three other children for a family meeting, while Angel was sleeping and decided “if she wanted to stay, she can stay.”

From that day onward, Angel was adopted and they were officially family. Love and support is what makes a family, that’s what matters.

Good times. Together

Christmas is a time to get together, but 1 in 10 of us feel like we don’t have anyone.

Who will you be there for this Season?

With new festive specials ‘tis the season to reach out.

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Dings & Ella & Rebecca
Friendship Stories

Get to know our cast: Karlla and Chris, Dingile, Elom and Rebecca.