Dough Ball Adventure: Our winners are...

1000 Dough Ball Adventures later, we have grand prize winners! First up, Amelia Roden's 'Doughpunzel's Mighty Adventure' was chosen as the victor by our special guest judge, actor, comedian, writer and children’s author Adrian Edmondson. Of Amelia's story, Adrian said he chose it as the winner because: 'Every ingredient from Pizza Express is used very imaginatively. I particularly liked the ‘green olive eyes’, and I’ve always had a suspicion those tomatoes were up to something!'

You can watch Amelia's story as an animation above, but if you're looking for a good bedtime read, here's the full story:

Once upon a dough ball there lived a young girl with golden dough locks and green olive eyes. She lived in a tower made of pizza crusts that were stuck down with garlic butter. One day Doughpunzel used her dough locks as a stepping stone ladder to climb down and explore the salad forests with her pet chameleon Pasta. She ran across the basil fields and through the bushes, there were all sorts of funky creatures like cucumber worms, lettuce butterflies and worst of all... the tomato people. They were awful pranksters who caused balsamic vinegar rain showers in the forest. Doughpunzel and Pasta walked further and further, until Doughpunzel realised she was lost! She and Pasta tried to find an exit but there were none in sight! All of a sudden balsamic vinegar rainfall started coming down, Doughpunzel shrieked with fear and tried to find a place to shelter. She hid pasta under her hair; frozen with fear. Suddenly a handsome dough ball prince came trotting by on his mozzarella horse with a salad dressing proof cloak! He flung Doughpunzel onto his horse and took her back to his polenta palace where they lived happily ever after!'

Our second winner is Erin Allen-Batters, age 11. Of her story - The Search for the New Recipe - Adrian said: 'A wonderfully dark story - I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look one of those cute little Dough Balls in the face again. (Who am I kidding - they’re delicious!)'

"Come on Darius, we can make it over these mighty mozzarella mountains" said Donatello as Darius dough ball munched a slice of pizza. After a lot of hard work, the two dough balls reached pasta sauce swamp, where they swam their way through the spicy herbs to... pizza slice paradise! "I told you we would make it" said Donatello with a smirk! "Now all we need to do is sneak through pizza slice paradise to make it to THE VOLCANO," exclaimed Darius! "Let's go", said Donatello dough ball in a worried tone. Finally, they reached the top of the volcano, were their enemy Gargamel garlic bread was waiting to greet them. Darius looked down the volcano to see it filled with... Garlic butter! "So do you like my new addition to the volcano?....Garlic Butter! that's why I invited you here, to try my new recipe" announced Gargamel "if you two dough balls would take a few steps back." The dough balls glanced behind them and took two weary steps backwards their hearts pumped quickly. And then before you could say pepperoni pizza they were pushed into the volcano. And that is how people came to love garlic butter and dough balls! 

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