A pizza to Trump all others

Donald Trump pizza

Is there anything  more terrifying than Donald Trump’s face on a pizza? Well, according to our social media fans, there isn’t. Legendary food artist Prudence Staite has re-created the Presidential runner’s face on a pizza in (oh-so-scary) detail; following overwhelming demand from our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

This strangely beautiful mixture of ham, peppers, basil and several types of cheese to re-create Mr. Trump’s famous hairstyle, was the most requested idea in our #halloweenpizzas competition; which challenged fans to send the most ghoulish pizza designs their minds could muster.

And if you would physically like to try this truly disturbing pizza recipe – lo and behold, you can! Simply pop down to our famously haunted Baker Street on Halloween itself (Monday 31st October) from opening (11.30am), where a small number of free samples will be offered to fans. And if Mr Trump isn’t for you, then perhaps this terrifying pulsating eyeball is?!

The incredibly talented fan Niki Clifton also won the competition, with her mesmerisingly detailed design of a ham-based hand holding a mozzarella eyeball; which will also be re-created and sampled for free by Staite. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Winning pizza

'I love the Eyeball in the Hand because the design is so clever and innovative. It's a great mix of toppings and the tomato blood gives it that gory halloween horror edge for me,' said Prudence. Tomato. Blood. We've heard it all now.

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