4 ways to do Valentine’s Day right, whatever your relationship status.

Whether you’re in love or lust, single, or new to the dating game – Valentines Day can be a difficult one to navigate, for everyone. So, see our top 4 tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day, whatever your relationship status.

  1. Log out of Instagram for the day

    Now, let me just stress - we’ve got nothing against Instagram. However, Valentine’s Day on Insta can be a bit much; OTT gifting, surprise proposals and an abundance of PDA’s that are be a bit much for even the mushiest of people. So, for one day, just switch it off. Don’t compare your day to someone else’s you met 4 years ago in a queue for the festival toilet. And if you’re one of the ones that get proposed too just don’t share it today, wait a bit – if nothing else it’ll have more impact in a few days time without the cloud of 400 other similar posts on Feb 14th.

  2. Listen to some great music

    We’ve got a fair few playlists up our sleeves to suit any a mood or status, from Date Night feels, to Mate Date classics – have a pop over to our profile on Apple Music and get those toes tapping and booty wiggling around your kitchen.

  3. Do something fun

    Something like one of our DIY at Home Pizza Kits – that come in a choice of two recipes; Margherita or American Hot.

    Wait: I know what you’re thinking, this is just a shameless plug for a product of ours, but it’s not, really. Doing something creative and experiencing something new is proven to release endorphins, which make you happy, so having a go at unleashing your inner Pizzaiolo, and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the end of it, is basically good for you. Making you happier, one slice of pizza at a time.

    Order here >> https://greatfood2u.co.uk/restaurant/pizzaexpress/

    Or if you fancy really getting wild and having a go at making some of our most famous recipes from scratch – making the dough and all - why not pop over to Homemade Favourites.

    Right here >> www.pizzaexpress.com/homemade-favourites

  4. Spend time with someone you love

Can be, but equally doesn’t need to be, a romantic love; it could be spending time with your best friend, your nan, your dog even. Whoever it is, just spend some real one-on-one time with them. I know that’s hard given the global pandemic and all, but we’re old hats at this lockdown lark now, we know how to make time with people – even if its through their living room window (that sounds creepy, but you know what we mean). So, carve out 30 minutes, and just be present, no phone, no Instagram (see point 1), and just enjoy their company.

If you fancy some help at conversation starters to fill the time, see below, maybe you’ll find out something new about them:

Date - www.pizzaexpress.com/extrabite/date-night

Mate - www.pizzaexpress.com/extrabite/mate-date/conversation-starters

Family - www.pizzaexpress.com/extrabite/family/conversation-starters

Dog – woof.


Much love Valentine’s Day – and may we hope you get to spend it with someone who looks at you as adoringly as we look at an American Hot.


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