What we learnt from last year.


Shaking someone’s hand, having a hug, walking straight into a supermarket, and having a haircut are among the things a survey of 2000 Brits told us they took for granted prior to lockdown.

Amongst those, came a list of things we never really learnt to appreciate until 2020 happened:

20% of people said they’d never appreciated their home broadband connection as much as they did last year; from work calls, to zoom “parties”, to entertaining the kids. I think we can all agree that without the invention of superfast broadband, 2020 would have been even more difficult.

25% of people surveyed, said when able, they will appreciate being able to meet their colleagues face to face again. Remember the days when a meeting would start without the predictable “can everyone hear me?”/”can you see my screen?”

We look forward to the days when we can start a meeting with the nostalgic “anyone sitting here” again.

37% of people said they will appreciate the little things, like going to the cinema even more. One of life’s great simple pleasures that transcends generations. A Friday night pizza and trip to the local cinema feels like the perfect evening to us right now, and one we’ll all appreciate that little bit more (even if there never seems to be anything that good on – guess the global pandemic scuppered film production too, grrr 2020).

50% of people said that they will appreciate spontaneity with friends and family when the world returns to normal again. Not having to worry about pre-booking, time slots, head counting everyone to make sure there’s no more than the dreaded six or having to double check 15 times whether you’ve all remembered your mask, feels like some alternate universe. But with the vaccine being distributed through the country, new treatments on the horizon and people having a better understanding of how to safely navigate this “new normal” life, hopefully getting back to the nostalgic times of pre-2020 won’t be too far away.

When we do eventually get there, one thing for sure, we’ll all appreciate it that little bit more – and live it to the full.

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