Homemade Favourites

Recipes, tips and tricks from our kitchen to yours.

Dough Balls (V)

A PizzaExpress classic; first created by chefs as a snack in the late 60’s from off cuts of dough, today it’s the ultimate crowd pleaser. Have a go at making these tasty treats at home.

Dough Balls Parmigiana (V)

Love a Melanzane Parmigiana? Well, this is going to knock your socks off. Created by our friends at Mob Kitchen using our ‘at-home’ Dough Balls from supermarkets, this dish combines creamy mozzarella, juicy ripened tomatoes and a dash of spice.

Cheese & Bacon Dough Balls

The next level in Dough Ball delicacy – these stuffed balls of joy are the ultimate comfort food.You can make them from scratch or using ‘at-home’ Dough Balls from supermarkets.

Margherita (V)

The base for all great pizza creations, the simple classic, the show stopper, the all-rounder, our magnificent Margherita. Have a go at creating this at home, and it’s sure to bring the house down.

Fiorentina (V)

How do you feel about egg on your pizza? Some people think it’s a little controversial, but this recipe has been a staple on our menu for decades. Wanna try? Let’s get cracking!

Vegan Mezze Calzone (Ve)

We’ve shown you the basics, now we’re going to up the ante and get a bit technical. This isn’t just any Calzone, its an exclusive recipe that was supposed to be new and live in our restaurants right now.

Leggera Padana (V)

Try your hand at making our iconic Leggera base at home. Our Leggera Padana pizza is one of the most popular in restaurant, so here it is in all its sweet glory.

Funghi Di Bosco (V)

This perfect all-rounder packs a punch, with its chunky portobello mushrooms, garlic oil and a double pinch of black - a rule started by our founder, Peter, for all mushroom recipes.

Veneziana (V)

This recipe is a classic, and one held very dear to our heart as it was created by our late founder, Peter. The bold, sweet and salty flavours of this pizza have been a favourite by many for decades.