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PE55 | FAQs

Q- What is “The Hunt" all about?          

A - The Hunt is a competition running between February and March, 2020. You have the opportunity to find a golden Dough Ball containing free pizza for a year - (£1000 PizzaExpress E-Gift)

Q- How long is the promotion competition running for?          

Golden Dough Balls will be hidden in key cities beginning February 9th and continue until all 55 golden Dough Balls have been found (Ending on 27th March).

Q- How do I enter?       

A- Once you’ve found a golden Dough Ball, open it and scan the QR code from the slip inside. That will take you to an entry page online where you will be asked to enter the numeric code inside the Golden Dough Ball. Simply follow the instructions on the entry page to see if you’re the first person to find the Golden Dough Ball!

Q- Do I need to be connected to the internet to enter the competition?             

A- Yes, you will need to enter online at .

Q- How often can I enter and how many times could I win an instant win prize?           

A- You can enter as many time as you like. There are 55 opportunities to win. Only the first person to enter one of the 55 unique promotional codes located inside the Golden Dough Ball will win one of the 55 prizes.

Q- Do I have to purchase a meal at PizzaExpress to enter?        

A- No in restuarnts purchase is necessary to enter.  Purchase required for Deliveroo and Retail Dough Ball orders.

Q- How old do I have to be to enter?    

A- You must be 18 years old or over to enter.

Q-How are winners notified?   

A- The first person to enter the promotional code found inside each of the 55 golden Dough Balls will win. If you are successful you will see details of your prize through an online confirmation page and an email sent to the email address you provided.

Q- What details will I need to enter?    

A- To enter you will need a unique code (found inside one of the hidden golden Dough Balls), and to enter your name, date of birth and email address at

Q- I am not in the UK. Can I still enter?             

A- This promotion is eligible to residents of the UK, the Channel Islands, or the Island of Man only, and entrants must be aged 18 years or over. If you are based in Northern Ireland, please see the terms and conditions, at, for more information.

Q- What Prizes are available to win?     

A- 55 x Free Pizza for a year prizes will be distributed throughout the UK and Northern Ireland (fulfilled via a £1000 E-Gift).

Q- Can I choose my prize?         

A- No, all prizes are the same.

Q- How will I receive my prize?               

A- Each prize consists of a £1000 PizzaExpress gift card (E-Gift) which will be sent to each of the 55 winners via email.

Q- I've received my prize but there's a problem with it, who should I contact?

A- Please contact [email protected]

Q- I've won a prize but haven't received it. What should I do? 

A- Please check your email inbox and junk mail/promotion folders. Details of your prize will have been sent to the email address you entered on the promotion entry page. However, if you do not receive an email please contact [email protected]

Q- I have won, can I change the prize?

A- No, prizes cannot be exchanged for another prize.

Q- How long do I have to use my £1000 E-Gift?              

A- PizzaExpress gift cards are valid for 2 years. You can check the exact date your PizzaExpress E-Gift expires by visiting

Q- The microsite doesn't recognise my code. What should I do?           

A- Please contact [email protected]

Q- I'm having trouble entering my details, what should I do?  

A- Please contact [email protected]

Q- My computer / the website crashed as I was entering the competition, how will I know if I've entered successfully?    

A- Return to and re-enter the code found inside the golden Dough Ball you found. The first person to enter each of the 55 codes will win, and be prompted to enter their personal details. Successful entrants will receive their prize delivered to the email address provided.

Q- I haven't received my win notification email with my prize attached. What do I do?              

A- Please contact [email protected]

Q- The website isn't loading / working properly. What should I do?     

A- Please try again later, if the  website still won't load please contact [email protected]

Q- I think I might have entered the wrong email address. What should I do?   

A- Please contact [email protected]

Q- Are my details secure on this website?          

Yes, all customer details are secure and protected. Our terms and conditions and privacy policy are available to review at

Q- What will you do with the details I provide when entering?

A- We will use these to check you are 18+, to check that you are eligible to enter the promotion, and to email you details of how to claim your prize. If you have opted in to Pizza Express marketing, we will send you weekly newsletters full of offers and exclusives.

Q- If I find a golden Dough Ball and enter my details, then I see a “sorry” - page what does that mean?            

A- Unfortunately, it means you were not the first person to find that golden Dough Ball. Someone else has found it/redeemed the prize already, and left the golden Dough Ball behind.

Q- My phone does not support QR Code scanning, what can I do?       

Enter via your browser to go to the entry form.

Q- How does the Golden Dough Ball Hunt work with Deliveroo orders?            

A- Golden Dough Balls will be delivered to a random lucky winner who order using Deliveroo.

Q- How does the Golden Dough Ball Hunt work in retail packets?        

There are golden dough balls hidden within 8 of the limited edition packs of Dough Ball Original and Cheese and Garlic Dough Ball packaging, If you find a winning dough ball in this packaging, then you must follow the same process - scan QR / and enter your code

Q- Which retailers will sell the Golden Dough Balls be in?       

A- A total of 8 Golden Dough Balls are hidden inside Dough Balls Original and Cheese and Galic Dough Ball packaging, avialable in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, booths, nisa, budgens.

Q- How will I know that a Golden Dough Ball has been found?              

A- Follow us on Instagram @PizzaExpress for your weekly updates.

Q- How will I know how many Golden Dough Ball are left to find?       

A- Follow us on Instagram @PizzaExpress for your weekly updates.

Q- What happens if I don’t have an email address to claim?     

A-  You will need to have an email address to claim the price as well as receive the e-gift. the £1000 prize will be sent via email.