I have a nut allergy. How do you prevent cross contamination?

We at PizzaExpress take allergens extremely seriously and will always do everything we can to accommodate our customers that have allergies.

Please be assured that we currently do not have any ingredients containing nuts or peanuts on our menu. We would also like to inform you that, in line with the Food Information for Consumers Regulation, we no longer classify pine kernels as a nut.

Ingredients and dishes containing pine kernels are no longer highlighted with the ‘N’ symbol on our menus. Information on which ingredients and dishes contain pine kernels can be found in our allergen information document which can be found either on our website, by scanning the QR code on our menus or, by requesting a copy from the restaurant team. 

Whilst providing our customers with the information they require; we base our allergen declarations on a risk basis. Of course, we always declare intentional allergens and then after assessing the supplier’s processes (for all our products), we decide which “may contain” warnings to also declare (these are marked on our allergen sheet with an *).

Here are some of our control processes in place in our restaurants:

  • Once notified by the customer of an allergy, the team will process a red allergy warning on the order ticket to ensure the chef is aware that further controls need to be implemented
  • We provide detailed training to all our team members and ensure this training is refreshed on a regular basis
  • We label high risk ingredients
  • We use dispensing bottles, where appropriate, to minimise the impact of contamination
  • Our internal team regularly carries out unannounced audits to assess the quality and safety of all our restaurants and the food we serve (allergen awareness is a major focus for these)
  • Should a restaurant be in breech, an alert will be issued automatically so the problem can be addressed as a matter of urgency
  • And of course, teams regularly wash their hands and clean surfaces, to prevent contamination through dust particles or customers touching surfaces after eating nuts in our restaurants. It is important to note that nut products are never directly handled with hands, but we insist on hand washing after handling the utensils
We certainly hope that the above information provides you with confidence and demonstrates just how seriously we take matters such as this, however, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.