Do you support the Department of Health's responsibility deal?

We're a partner. This means we've also signed up to their voluntary codes of practice. We're doing this by providing real choice for those who want healthier options. We do this in the following ways:

1. In April 2009, we introduced a new range of deliciously skinny 500 calorie pizzas. They're called Leggera. And they're in all our restaurants. Leggera is just as beautiful as our other pizzas. Just as gorgeous. With a lighter, crispier dough base you can enjoy your favourite toppings as a healthier option. All Leggera pizzas are inspired by a classic fresella bread from Naples; an Italian bread with a hole in the middle. The dough at the centre of our pizza is replaced by a fresh salad.

2. In addition to Leggera pizzas we are now proud to offer a Leggera pasta option: the Leggera Pollo Arrabbiata. It's a delicious alternative to pizza, and at less than 525 calories gives you even more choice when looking for a healthier option.

3. The Leggera range has also arrived in the Desserts section, enabling you to indulge in something sweet at the end of your meal - even if you're counting the calories.

4. Remember that you're in control. Our pizzas and salads are handmade, every time. So you can tweak your menu choices to suit your needs. So if you want to cut calories, it's easy. Just ask for your pizza to be made with light mozzarella. Swap the dressing on your salad. Leave out the dough sticks. Or cut out some ingredients. The ones that are naturally higher in fats or carbs. Like pepperoni, for instance.

You can also read more about making healthier choices at PizzaExpress.