5p Bag Charge?

We made a company decision to charge for all bags in all of our restaurants. This is because paper bags are chargeable under certain conditions outside of England but within the UK. Therefore, the best way for us to ensure consistency across our restaurants in the UK and to ensure we don’t then run afoul of the differing rules and are complying with the four national legislation's is to charge for all bags. We are always up front with our customers about this. I can assure you that we are not doing this as a revenue driver and we balance this by not making any profit and donating all income to regional environmental charities. The legislation in England, Wales and Scotland slightly differs when it comes to the use of single use carrier bags and what’s included and excluded. We have therefore taken a nationwide approach to cover our restaurants in all countries of the UK and will be asking for a 5p charge for paper and plastic bags. In England, Scotland and Wales, 100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of the bags will be donated to environmentally focused good causes. In Northern Ireland the proceeds will go to the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment.