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Add extras 1.95 each

Chicken / Pepperoni / Jalapeño peppers / Hot green peppers / Mozzarella / Olives / Italian ham / Mushroom / ’Nduja sausage / Artichokes / Tuna / Brown anchovies / Superfood mixed grains

If there are any additional toppings you would like that are not listed above, just ask! Also available as a bigger, thinner, crispier Romana for an extra 1.95.


All our Romana and Classic pizzas can be ordered on our unique, Classic-sized, gluten-free base, made at our gluten-free bakery; if your gluten-free pizza is not served to you on a black board, please check this with a member of the team. Our Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’ are also available gluten-free.


Please let the team know if you have any allergen or dietary requirements and scan the QR code on the menu. As our dishes are handmade in our busy kitchens, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they are 100% free of allergens or contaminants, or that nutritional values are as stated. Please note, not all dish ingredients are listed on the menu. Gluten-free describes foods that contain gluten at a level of no more than 20 parts per million. Please note, not all dish ingredients are listed on the menu.

Nutritional information, including calories
Food & drinks allergens

All gratuities go to the team who looked after you today.

Please watch out for stray olive stones and bones

Gluten freeThe GF symbol refers to dishes made with measures in place to avoid gluten contamination, as accredited by Coeliac UK. We also use gluten-free flour and penne pasta in our kitchens.

Contains nuts Contains nuts or nut oils.

Vegetarian Suitable for Vegetarians.

VeganSuitable for Vegans (other dishes are available, please ask for the Vegan menu)

The ABV% on alcoholic drinks are correct at time of printing this menu, however may be subject to change.