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We are proud to have a range of gluten-free food on our menu at our PizzaExpress restaurants, including risotto, sorbets and a pilsner. And we’ve introduced gluten-free dough balls so now you can enjoy this signature dish at a restaurant near you. We also have Classic and Piccolo gluten-free pizza bases, so all of our recipes can now be enjoyed. In addition, any of our salads can be made gluten-free by removing dough sticks or croutons.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can be fully confident of no issues upon entering any PizzaExpress restaurant and trying our gluten-free menu. This includes changing processes in our kitchens – including labelling and storage, using new equipment only for gluten-free food, as well as changing the flour we use for tossing and stretching our dough to be gluten-free.

Coeliac UK have awarded us with their gluten-free accreditation due to these changes and to put your mind at rest. 

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