Friday February 17th 2017

To celebrate PizzaExpress mega-fan Ed Sheeran's 26th birthday, we've partnered with famed food artist Prudence Staite to create an epic 2.4 ft tall birthday cake, made entirely from the ingredients featured on Mr Sheeran's favourite PizzaExpress pizza, of which Ed famously said on Twitter: "If it 'aint Calabrese, I 'aint interested."

The 'Ed-Abrese' consists of five spicy layers; all of which contain nods to Sheeran's stellar career, including a layer of spicy sausage and red and yellow peppers dedicated to Sheeran's album 'Multiply', and one layer depicting the singer's iconic Martin classical guitar in dough; adorned with bespoke Peppadew pepper birthday candles, and a layer of Gran Milano cheese.

Prudence Staite said: "As one of the world's best-loved artists, Ed Sheeran will surely have scores of presents and well-wishers on his birthday; however I’m fairly confident that a gigantic homage to his favourite pizza recipe isn't going to be one of them. Have a fantastic birthday Ed!"