Covid-19 FAQs

Q: When are we re-opening for dine-in?
A: We will only open for dine-in when the government’s advice and guidance allow. We are working on enhanced processes to ensure the safety of our customers and team members before opening pizzerias for dine-in. Please see our website, or sign up for the latest PizzaExpress news.

Q: Why can’t I order over the phone or pay upon arrival when you offer Click & Collect from the 8th of June?
A: We are limiting the contact points between our customers and teams. The online process means you will be able to quickly collect your food, while adhering to the guidance on social distancing.

Q: Why do you not have your full menu available for Delivery and Click & Collect from 8th June?
A: As part of our re-opening plan, we will have a reduced menu to help our teams adhere to the social distancing guidance. We are, however, constantly reviewing feedback and are working on how we can offer a full menu including vegan and gluten-free products in the near future. Our menu will be updated on our website (under collection menu) when available to order.

Q: Can I use gift cards or e-gifts to pay online?
A: Customers will not be able to use gift cards or e-gifts for payment for Click & Collect online. However, all gift cards due to expire by 30th June have been extended to 31st December 2020 for use in our pizzerias.

Q: I have a 'Walkers 2 for 1' offer. Can I use this online to order collection?
A: Yes, one code per transaction.

Q: Why can’t I use my Tesco vouchers for payment?
A: Due to the type of voucher, we are unable to accept these to redeem online orders. Tesco has extended the validity date on vouchers to 12 months from the expiry date and you will be able to use these once we are open to dine-in.

Q: Why is your team not wearing PPE including gloves while preparing our food?
A: We are adhering to specific government advice which confirms face coverings are only suggested where social distancing isn't feasible. However, we are adhering to strict social distancing measures. Rather than wearing gloves which can lead to poor hygiene controls, our teams will follow a more robust process of handwashing on a regular basis (every 20 minutes).

Q: How can you be sure COVID-19 doesn’t spread to food or packaging?
A: The latest scientific guidance from the government says there is no evidence COVID-19 can be spread via food or packaging.

Q: Do you check your teams’ temperatures before starting work, to ensure they are not asymptomatic or spreading the virus to your customers?
A: While government guidance is that temperature checking is not mandatory, we will be conducting daily and weekly health checks with our team members.

Q: How can I be assured your pizzerias are adhering to the latest health and safety guidance?
A: Every pizzeria has been inspected by our quality and safety team and once they are satisfied that government guidance has been adhered to, including social distancing measures in addition to our own robust health and safety procedures, they’ll be provided a with a signed and dated certificate.to ensure the government guidance for social distancing processes is in place as well as our robust health and safety procedures.

If you have any other questions not covered by the above, please contact our customer service team via our webform or ring our team on 02087989090 between Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.