Firezza roles

Firezza roles

Join a Firezza team and help make someone’s day – or night.  


Customers will be popping by to collect takeaways, so you will be on show – this means we’re looking for professionals who can cook with flair and style. 

Store Manager

How about running your own store in the Firezza way, and being able to flex your entrepreneurial and leadership skills? You can in this new role!

Assistant Store Manager

Get in the thick of the action, acting as right hand to the Store Manager, in this fast paced environment.


You’re going to a customer’s home or office – entering their world – so we’d like you to deliver their pizza as you would to your own home.


Whether it be over the phone taking orders or handing out delicious customer orders, you'll know how to help your Firezza customers or your own Firezza family.