Iconic Design

Iconic Design

Every single PizzaExpress is unique. Did you know that Gloucester Road in London has coin art on the walls because it used to be a bank? Or that PizzaExpress Glossop was a cotton mill and takes design cues from the town’s rich cotton industry?

It all started in 1967, two years after the first PizzaExpress restaurant opened in Soho. Renowned Italian designer Enzo Apicella joined forces with Peter Boizot to open a second restaurant on Coptic Street, in London’s Bloomsbury. Enzo’s task was to replicate the aura of the first PizzaExpress but with a unique design and décor, in keeping with the character of what was an old dairy building.

The restaurant was an instant success. As more venues opened, Peter compared PizzaExpress to a piece of jewellery: each restaurant being a unique gem. Enzo went on to design more than 85 PizzaExpress restaurants.

Ever since the 1960s, stunning and vibrant works of art have been on display in our restaurants, forming part of our unique style. Mixing prints with original pieces, the paintings include creations by iconic artists such as Peter Blake; his work is on display in our Chiswick restaurant.

Unique and beautiful design is still very much central to the PizzaExpress ethos from the stunning River House in York, once a Victorian gentleman’s club, Bracknell, themed around nearby Swinley Forest, and Guildford, which is decorated with features and artwork based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by local author Lewis Carroll. Read Peter Boizot's story.

Coptic Street

PizzaExpress Coptic Street

Peter Boizot with Enzo Apicella

Enzo Apicella (right) with Peter Boizot


PizzaExpress Guildford