At PizzaExpress, we want everyone to be able to come together and share an amazing meal, so our mouth-watering menu has plenty of choice for everyone - including kids and people with special diets. We now have more delicious options for our vegan and gluten-free guests than ever before.

We believe in doing things the right way, which is why we only serve triple-certified coffee in our restaurants, and why we run free school visits so future pizzaiolos can get a taste of cooking early on.

Great-tasting food matters. So does making sure everyone can enjoy it.


PizzaExpress is a proud partner of Nordoff and Robbins Music Therapy, the UK's largest independent music therapy charity, who use music to help vulnerable people in the UK.

Nordoff and Robbins believe that through the power of music human potential is recognised, witnessed, and celebrated - regardless of profound disability, illness or social exclusion.

Music therapy has the potential to not only enhance the life experience of those they work with, but to positively influence their environment and community.


PizzaExpress is excited to announce our new partnership with children's mental health charity Place2Be.

Place2Be have over 25 years' experience working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools. They provide mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling using tried and tested methods backed by research. Unfortunately not every childhood brings happy memories, with some children experiencing traumas that most adults would struggle with. The crisis in children's mental health is getting worse with one in six children now having a diagnosable mental health condition.

Place2Be believes that every child should have easy access to mental health support. Whenever they need it. Their evidence shows that the children they support show an improvement in their school performances and life chances.

Place2Be are there for the tears we see, and those we don't. We are proud to partner with them to help them in their mission to improve children and young people's health.

Your community

From humble beginnings in Wardour Street to over 500 restaurants worldwide –things didn’t happen overnight. We grew slowly, one restaurant at a time, with local people joining our team and making each restaurant part of their community. We know we have a role to play in each community and – through corporate social responsibility – we’re privileged to be able to make a difference. Whether we’re raising money and giving time to worthy causes, or throwing open our kitchen doors to get primary school kids cooking.

Our people

PizzaExpress is the place for everyone who loves pizza to bring their personality and be their true self. We hire people with passion and individuality, who love creating our handcrafted pizza and providing epic service for our customers. At PizzaExpress, you own your career journey. We'll work with you to help shape your experience, so that it's always right for you.

Our environment

We’ve got the soil, sun and elements to thank for all the tasty ingredients we use on our pizzas. So we want to take good care of our planet. We’re always striving to do the right thing for the environment. It starts with our Lean & Green programme, which encourages everyone at PizzaExpress to do their bit.